View Full Version : My Current Pelikan Nibs.

April 27th, 2015, 04:23 AM

Left to Right:

Pelikan 400NN (1956, Green Striped), 14K EF Semi-Flex (hard rubber nib unit collar)

Pelikan 140 (1950s, Black w/ Green Ink Window), 14K Broad CI (springy, EF across)

Pelikan 20 Silvexa, 14K Rhodium(?) Coated OB

Pelikan M250 (1992-1996, Black), 14K Monotone Medium

Pelikan M400 Old-Style (1990s, Brown Tortoise), 14K Monotone Medium

Pelikan M640 Special Edition (2008, Mount Everest), 18K 2-tone Medium

Pelikan M805 (Blue Striped, Rhodium Trimmed), 18K 2-tone Broad (Though looking to get this one traded to something smaller)

Pelikan Gold-Plated Steel 1.0 Nib Unit (springy, possibly from an MC120)

My favorite of the bunch is the nib on the Pelikan 400NN, followed by the Cursive Italic B on the 140. Both very smooth, both are quite springy (more of a difference in variation on the EF of course, but the B will go 2x easy).

Probably my least favorites are the moderns as they're more of a nail than I'm used to, still good performers, but pretty nail-like.

The Silvexa's OB is very smooth, but I still have trouble getting used to the left turn needed to write with it.