View Full Version : SOLD Pelikan 140 - $35

June 3rd, 2015, 02:09 PM
Pelikan 140 Fountain Pen

Fine sized steel nib

The pen writes and the piston functions smooth as it should.

Cosmetically, the pen looks beautiful, i cannot find any flaw upon first inspection.

Looking a bit closer, i noticed a hairline cracks on the underside section. Due to the hairline crack, very tiny amount of ink leaks through and will appear on the bottom of section, nothing too crazy. I cant really take a picture of the hairline crack as it is too small to see.

I am hoping to sell this pen to someone who is able to seal up he hairline crack. Perhaps silicone grease could prevent the small amount of ink from leaking through? I'm not sure.

I think $35 shipped for a functional Pelikan 140 with a hairline crack is fair.
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Message me if interested