View Full Version : Pelikan 100 Wartime with shipping

September 28th, 2012, 09:34 AM
For sale is a 1944 era Pelikan 100 Green Celluloid pen with a CN M nib which is very stubby and slightly flexy at the same time. The pen is in Very good shape, the filler takes ink and does not leak. The blind cap is black celluloid and is smooth, which leads me to the 1944 era pen.

The Ink window is very nice, with only a slight mark on the inside, but no cracks or crazing at all. The color of the window is very nice, as the pen started as a yellow celluloid barrel. The Binde is in great shape, not a mark on it.

The cap is also very good. The clip has no brassing as can be seen in the images, also no dents or bends. Nib is smooth and quite flexible, allows nice line variation.