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October 1st, 2012, 02:40 PM

I have this Reform 1745 for sale. It was purchased on-line by me as New-Old Stock. I have inked it up to check it out, but before doing that I thoroughly cleaned the pen just in case there was some accumulation of any sort from the many years of storage; for this pen was made by the millions for German school children. So it might have been in storage for a long time.

Having cleaned it thoroughly and inked it up, I now know that it writes and that it writes fine, despite being sold as a "medium". The pen is a piston-filler and holds a fairly large quantity of ink. The nib/feed assembly can be screwed out from the section for ease of cleaning. The cap screws on. And lastly it is very light-weight. In fact it is my lightest pen (amongst many light pens), weighing inked 10.64 grams. It is a small pen as might be imagined given its weight, being 130 mm. capped. Posted it is ca. 148 mm. The grip section measures 8.75 mm. in diameter.

I am selling it because it has too fine a line for my needs. The pen is like new and quite attractive actually with its unusual combination of black and green with gold trim. (See photos)

Selling for $10.00 and $2.00 postage anywhere in the USA.

October 12th, 2012, 05:13 PM