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July 22nd, 2015, 03:53 PM
Just wanted to share!

I've owned this wonderful pen for a few years, despite it being the really well made, the most reliable and smoothest thing in the collection it wasn't the pen then i reached for.

So I took the plunge and asked John Sorowka to convert the nib to a fine italic similar to other pens I tend to love.

I'm not sure why I prefer the italics, I often write block capitals as well as cursive. Some how I feel more disciplined with a smooth italic nib.

I use a Italix Captain's Commission with a smooth 0.85mm italic nib and a very similar sized Sheaffer Targa which isn't quite as smooth, both are workmanlike of I'm honest.

Anyway it arrive back today and it has a line width around the 0.6mm on the front of the nib with no load on the pen, it is not a really hard italic but it has corners and edges without sharpness, on the back I now have a slightly drier and narrower italic, its very pleasant and easy to live with, ink flow is enough for the nib without being too wet...

To be honest it bloody flawless is what it is, may well be used everyday, I would recommend John's work if you want your best pen to be perfect.

Anyway I have a hardly used Extra fine Pelikan Souverän M800 Nib for sale if anyones interest!

da vinci
July 22nd, 2015, 04:19 PM
We need pictures and a writing sample :) :thumb:

July 23rd, 2015, 01:17 AM
We need pictures and a writing sample :) :thumb: