View Full Version : WTS/T rOtring 600 Rollerball Knurled (vintage)

August 15th, 2015, 01:09 PM
I have had this rOtring 600 in my collection for years and never knew it was a collectable. I never really used it much it mostly sat on my desk and looked neat. It has seen obvious use in the past though. I found it again after being in a box for a few years and now that I'm into fountain pens I thought to look it up. Turns out they sell for $200'ish in this condition on fleaBay and $300 with a box and better condition. I thought before I stuck it up on fleaBay I would give the community here an opportunity first.

I would be willing to sell it for $175 shipped CONUS or trade for fountain pens. In general I like thicker pens and always write unposted. I'm semi-open when it comes to a trade here are a few things off the top of my head I would be interested in.

Franklin-Christoph Model 1901 (prefer italic/stub nib but medium or EF would be ok too)
Pilot Vanishing Point (prefer the Matte Black or Gunmetal & black, as for nib, maybe other colors, italic/stub would be best though open to others, I wouldnt mind a few nib units actually to switch out)
an Oblique pen of some kind. I have been wanting to try an oblique nib for a while but it would need to be a narrow oblique because I'm not a huge fan of line widths over about .7mm-.8mm, I have a Pelikan M800 and it would be great to find a custom oblique nib for it.
Maybe a Vintage Pelikan 400 with one of their flexiable nibs would be cool to add to my collection.
Wetshaving stuff like Wolfman Razor or Mongoose Razor, Nice Badger brushes (Simpson, Paladin, M&F, Rooney, Kent), Feather Artist Club SS (prefer folding and green)
Sailor/Bung Box inks