View Full Version : noodlers polar black

October 14th, 2012, 01:04 PM
Well first I'm new here and just want to say howdy to everyone.
To give you a little background, i live in colorado and work ouside quite a bit. I got myself a bottle of polar black for the winter and figured id give it a try.Now here is my question and concern with noodlers polar black. I tried this ink in 5 differant pens with the same result. It worked fine for the fist day. On the second day I couldn't get it to flow unless I primed the pen. Then it would only work intermittently.
I purchased a hero 100 thinking the covered nib design would keep the ink flowing and not allow it to dry out like it seemed to in an open nib design. I had the same problem as before.
I took the pen apart to clean and was shocked to see a grey coating on all the white and clear parts of the pen. I took a clean cloth and was able to wipe it away. This leads me to believe it was a solid residue left by the ink.
Has anyone else experienced this or knows anything about the noodlers polar inks. Any advise or answers would be appreciated.