View Full Version : SOLD 40s Eversharp Skyline, Dark Navy Blue, 14K Flex Fine~BB (Wet) 14K Gold-Filled Cap

August 25th, 2015, 10:32 PM
1940s Eversharp Skyline, Dark Navy Blue, with a 1/10 14K Gold-Filled derby cap. Lever Filler. The blue of the body more visible under strong light or outdoors, cap dome is brighter. The grip appears to be black.

Recently restored by Sean Nicholson of Write on Time Restoration, so new sac, freshly talc'd, and shined up a little.
14K "Teardrop" Flexible Fine. Juicy wet.
The Flex nib is a bit on the wet side, very easy to flex so best to use if you have a light controlled hand otherwise you'll have a lot of fat letters if you're heavy-handed. Goes from about a western fine to a B~BB comfortably. I do not like to push nibs very far so you might actually be able to get more flex out of it, but I recommend staying in the F~BB range.
The lever has been re plated with 14K Gold by Sean. (He has this capability now).
There are some darker discoloration near the lever only visible under very strong lighting. (See the very bright over exposed picture)
The usual wear-and-tear light marks as you can see in the pictures. No serious dings/dents. There are two very small dings on right side of the cap at about 1mm is size at about the fourth and seventh band from the cap lip. (If you're really picky I can get some life size macro shots of it and make it look huge on the screen).
One small visible line on the barrel next to the lever (from the wire under the barrel that holds the lever in place). Can see it in the picture, towards the upper half of the pen in this picture.

The pen (with ink) weighs

19.60 grams total.
9.4 grams for just the pen.
10.32 for the cap.

The Reason for Selling :
While I do love a juicy flex once in a while, it was my intention to use the pen in the upcoming fall semester and the flex is too easy and a bit wet for me to use for normal class usage (Salix doesn't bleed or feather on my environotes sugarcane notebooks but will take a little longer to dry which isn't as nice for notes), I prefer the semi-flex EF I have on another skyline. For Flex Purposes I already have a Doric with a #3 Adjustable, Swan 205/60, Swan 2.S.F. and a Wahl #2.

Asking $115 + Shipping

I may consider trades or trade+cash ( see my 'want' list on here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Wvgew3p5 )





On Rhodia No.12 Pad

On Environotes Sugarcane Notebook

PS I also have a Green Skyline with a Firm Fine for $50 on this thread: http://fpgeeks.com/forum/showthread.php/12901-Two-Gold-Filled-Skylines-(Firm-and-Semi-Flex)-Professionally-Restored