View Full Version : SOLD For sale 2 Gama Pens

September 3rd, 2015, 01:21 AM
SOLD!!Hello everyone,

I need to fund my new obsession so I need the money. I'm selling my 2 Gama pens that are laying in my drawer. The prices are without PP fees, they are on you. The shipping for one or two pens is 5$ unregistered and 10$ registered worldwide.

The first one is Gama Raja Matt Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with stock nib that writes F-M. It really is a nice pen but I have more then enough Gama pens :) I sale it for 15$.

The second one is Gama Hawk Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with stock M-B nib. In great working order. This goes for 30$.

If you have any questions or need more photos just send me PM.