Rick Krantz
September 5th, 2015, 12:59 AM
Weekly Saturday Sale, need to clean out some pens, some good deals to be had.

(my personal health, skip if not interested, lol) For those that are interested.... I am finally feeling better, and not having to force myself into putting up a sale, like last week. I'm feeling much better than I was at the end of July, I still have some stuff to get done. Anyway, figured there were a few out there that were curious. Thanks to those that sent well wishes, much appreciated!

(back to the pen sale...) All pens are rebuilt, and working, unless otherwise noted. They all come with a 1 year warranty as well on function and the rebuild. If you some how break it, I will certainly do my best to help out on fixing it, but I can only do so much. That really isn’t covered under the scope of the warranty, but I will sincerely try my best to help in any capacity I can.

Contact... email me at ckrantz3@msn.com, and if you want it... say that you want it, questions don't reserve it, "I want that pen" gets it.

Payment… by paypal. Expected in a timely fashion, hopefully within a few hours after I say “SOLD” I don’t like chasing people down, and I won’t. I will just move on to the next buyer. Sorry.

Shipping Domestic is $3.00 and international is $10.00

That’s about it, thanks for checking this out…

From left to right…


A Sheaffer Snorkel in blue, 14K Sheaffer 5 non conical medium point. Rebuilt, fills, writes, new seals, nice writing pen. ITEM PRICE $45

B Sheaffer Snorkel in maroon, metal cap, gold filled trim, lifetime model, 14K sheaffer non conical nib, medium point. Rebuilt, fills, writes, new seals, nice writing pen. ITEM PRICE $50

C Sheaffer snorkel in sage green, Sheaffer 14K F2 non conicial nib, rare color, still around from last week, clean, rebuilt, fills, writes, new seals. ITEM PRICE $165

D Wearever in shefferesque plastic, carmine red stripe material, nice wide band, cap is a bit tight on threading to barrel, 14K fine point warranted nib, clear feed, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, really attractive pen. ITEM PRICE $50

E Esterbrook SJ in copper, nice clean pen, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, comes with a new 9550 nib in box, ITEM PRICE $35

F Esterbrook J in black, nice clean pen, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, nice 2442 fien stub nib, new in box, ITEM PRICE $40

G Parker Vacumatic Major in golden pearl, vacumatic fill, fine 14K vacumatic nib, rebuilt, fills, writes, nice clean pen, ITEM PRICE $80

H Parker 21 set in black, very clean fine alloy nib, aerometric filler, fills, writes, pencil works,great pen to use, these are lower priced 51,s with alloy nibs, essentially. ITEM PRICE $25

I Parker 21 pen in black metal cap, aerometric filler, arrow style clip, fine alloy nib, fills, writes, underrated ITEM PRICE $15

J Parker 45 in uncommon olive. Nice clean pen, comes with a convertor, alloy medium point, not sure if it saw much or any use. Slight shrinkage on hood which is not uncommon, mentioned for accuracy. ITEM PRICE $20

K Parker 51 in Forrest green, full size, aerometric filler, fills, writes, nice fine point 14k nib, clean pen, light wear to frosting on cap. ITEM PRICE $100

L Parker 51 in black vacumatic fill, nice user grade pen, some wear to lustraloy cap, few light marks, a scratch, and a bright mark where clip spun. Rebuilt, fills, writes, this one is what I call an extra fine nib, it is a pretty fine 14K nib. ITEM PRICE $45

M Wahl Eversharp Skyline in black, green stripe cap, with the wide cap band, nib is a fine firm point, but writes well. Lever fill. few light marks here and there, derby has a few light marks, rebuilt, fills, writes. ITEM PRICE $75

N Webster pen in web type plastic, likely a parker produced pen, initials "L M " on barrel, chrome trim, button fill, visualted part on lower barrel, 14K Webster nib. Both the nib and feed are very similar to parker production. ITEM PRICE $80

O Possible Mabie Todd in red and brown with black vein plastic. I can’t find a name on it, but the nib is marked Mabie Todd and Co, NY, the feed is Mabie Todd as well, so I assume it is a mabie todd. Lever fill, some trim wear, smaller vest sized pen, real pretty celluloid. Rebuilt, fills, writes, few light use marks. ITEM PRICE $85

P No Name ringtop in red hard rubber, personalized “Pauline” lever filler, rebuild, fills writes, warranted 14K flex nib, fine point. Cute pen, rhr charm ITEM PRICE $35

Q Waterman 32 in black, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, decent pen, one issue, the lever tab is broken, still works, but is broken off. some other trim wear, nice very fine point, waterman #2 flex nib. ITEM PRICE $45

R Waterman 32 in dark quartz, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, nice clean pen, moderate trim wear, but looks nice, 14K waterman 2 fine flex nib. ITEM PRICE $100

S End of day Welsh in wild plastic. Remember, these were cheap pens made to use up scrap material. They have gold wash trim, but seem to be immensely popular. So with that said… lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, has a warranted 14K nib, with some light flex, fine point. This one is pretty in that the barrel has a light amount of translucence. I used to get these all the time, first one I had in several months. The last one was a Packard, that one was unbelievable… Anyway… good luck first come first serve, ITEM PRICE $75

September 5th, 2015, 06:08 AM
:) Happy to hear you are feeling better

September 5th, 2015, 11:23 AM
Good to hear! And to add an endorsement - I received a Parker from last week's sale today, and it's fantastic. I have now bought somewhere around seven pens from Rick, and every one has been a winner.

September 5th, 2015, 12:51 PM
The image doesn't load for me. Interested in a couple of pens from the descriptions. Would love to see the images.

September 5th, 2015, 08:41 PM
:) Happy to hear you are feeling better