View Full Version : SOLD King Cobra 500 Reserve Stub Steel Nib

September 8th, 2015, 09:44 PM
500 Words Reserve Fountain pen, vintage

Snake Skin Celluloid, terrific condition, looks as if it was barely used. Faceted body.

Transparent body, you could always tell how much ink remaining. Appears to be ebonite section and feed.

Syringe-filler - working. Sucks up ink as it should. To get full fill, the trick is to push out excess air in the barrel and fill again, if you dont get enough ink the first time.

Steel stub nib --> Has a slight bent on the nib, but nonetheless it is a good & smooth writer. Judging from the size of the nib, you may be able to replace it with another #5 nib.

Don't really know much about the 500 Words Reserve Fountain Pen Company, but this pen they made is a beauty!

Asking - $35 shipped

Pen will be shipped securely via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking
USA shipping only

Message me if interested