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September 17th, 2015, 06:40 AM

I have for sale (no trades) 7 fountain pens and one ballpoint pen. There is a lot of pictures but if you want more just give me a sign.

Payment via PayPal to coffe_cup@tlen.pl. Shipment is $8 to anywhere in the World via registered trackable airmail, usually takes up to 10 days to deliver.

Here is what I have:


From left to right:

1. Kaweco V11 - F gold nib, cartridge filler. There is still original sticker on the cap. Unusual windows (white) at the end of the barrel. Very nice, EF to F nib, smooth. Almost new pen, very minor sings of keeping, I doubt it was used at all. Price: $50

2. Kaweco Demonstrator - flexible palladium A-40 nib with nice flexibility. Barrel slightly discolored but nothing bad - transparency is good to very good. New cork, working condition. There is some issue with screwing the cap, seems like it's a little shrinked but sits on a pen very good. Piston filler. Price: $50

3. Faber-Castell 882F - rare, beautiful pen - semi transparent green stipes through all the barrel and the cap. Osmia logo on the top of the cap so it's from early 50's. Amazing two-tone gold 14 ct nib with very good flexibility (soft). Piston filler. Pen is like new condition. Nothing to point out as an issue. sold

4. Montblanc 334 1/2 Demonstrator - gold 14 ct nib, flexible, M grade. Piston filler, new cork - working order. Pen is very interesting - first - demonstrator which is not usual for that line, second, the cap, I have not seen this line with this kind of a cup so it might be transitional model from 33x line to 26x line. Anyway very nice example of Montblanc from 50's. Transparency of the barrel is good to very good, some usual discoloration but nothing bad. There was personalization on a barrel that was taken off - there is very minor sings of this operation. Price: $200

5. Lamy 27n - gold 14 ct OBB nib. Piston filler in working order. Steel cap. Very minor signs of use. Good pen. Price: sold

6. Aurora Magellano - gold plated M grade very smooth nib. Converter included. This is the original pen from first edition of this pen which is now available also. Steel barrel and cap, very good condition. Price: $75

7. Sheaffer Tuckaway GF - gold 14 ct nib EF-F grade. Plunger filler. Personalization on a barrel - handwritten Polly - nice and not very noticable. Gold plating very good condition. Both seals were replaced but unfortunatelly it doesn't take an ink. That's why the price is $50 off from the usual market price for that rare model. Price: $150

8. Silver .900 ballpoint pen. German. Push system. Working. Very nice pen for those who use them from time to time. Personalization: M.Spaet on the side. Price: $30

Additional photos and writing samples:


Thank you very much. If you have additional question or such like please contact me through PM.

Have a nice day


September 17th, 2015, 01:55 PM
That Faber-Castell is such a beautiful pen! Doubtless would have been out of my price range anyway, but definitely one to admire from afar :)