Rick Krantz
September 19th, 2015, 12:27 AM
Weekly Saturday Sale, this one again has a few 51's and some odd stuff, some good deals to be had, and some leftovers! All pens are rebuilt, and working, unless otherwise noted. They all come with a 1 year warranty as well on function and the rebuild. If you some how break it, I will certainly do my best to help out on fixing it, but I can only do so much. That really isn’t covered under the scope of the warranty, but I will sincerely try my best to help in any capacity I can.

Contact... email me at ckrantz3@msn.com, and if you want it... say that you want it, questions don't reserve it, "I want that pen" gets it.

Payment… by paypal. Expected in a timely fashion, hopefully within a few hours after I say “SOLD” I don’t like chasing people down, and I won’t. I will just move on to the next buyer. Sorry.

Shipping Domestic is $3.00 and international is $10.00

That’s about it, thanks for checking this out…

From left to right…


A Eversharp skyline, black standard size, lever fill, 14K fine point fairly firm nib. ITEM PRICE $45

B Sheaffer lifetime balance in black standard size, 14k lifetime fine point firm nib ITEM PRICE $45

C Sheaffer lifetime in gray marble, fine red veining, reverse trim, name on barrel, unstable area top of cap, fine sheaffer 14K 3-25 nib. ITEM PRICE $65

D Sheaffer in gray marble red vein, nickel plated trim, Sheaffer 33 14K nib, fine point, slight slight flex, lever fill, light trim wear, mainly to cap band ITEM PRICE $45

E Sheaffer 500 military clip in golden stripe, feather touch 5 fine 14K two tone nib. Lever fill, ITEM PRICE $45

F Waterman THOROBRED in red marble with green veins, incredible funky color /material. I had one other in this color in my years of collecting, not overly rare, but pretty uncommon. Nice flexible waterman #2 14K nib, fine point. Lever fill ITEM PRICE $120

G Joffe in yellow plastic. Thse are called poor man’s mandarin yellow duofolds. No name pens made to look like the big 4 products. These have a great following. This one is a lever filler, with a 14K warranted fine /medium flexible nib. It appears to have been straightened, but writes really great, I did not mess with the nib, it is not offensive in appearance, mentioned for accuracy. ITEM PRICE $85

H Parker Challenger in green marble, button filler, few stray marks here and there, clean pen otherwise. Nice writing ball shaped medium nib. Slight trim wear. ITEM PRICE $45

I Parker 51 in cedar blue, vacumatic fill, lustraloy cap, medium 14K nib, decent pen, cap has some ‘wear’ a flat depression on the back, bright marks, etc… ITEM PRICE $50

J Parker 51 set in forest green, aerometric fill, gold filled cap. Virtually mark free caps, pencil seems to work, fien point, press 4 time cage, nice example ITEM PRICE $120

K Parker 51 Kullock fantasy pen in mustard, 14K fine point, aerometric fill, gold filled cap. ITEM PRICE $150

L Esterbrook J transitional in red, ribbed jewel, unmarked clip, flat bottom. Clean, 2442 nib, with a new boxed 15XX nib, since the 2442 is a slightbit scratchy, it has a sweet spot. Lever fill ITEM PRICE $40

M Esterbrook J in black, 2668 nib, price sticker remnants on back of cap, lever fill ITEM PRICE $30

N Esterbrook J in blue, 2556 nib, stunning color, lever fill, ITEM PRICE $40

Leftovers… price reductions….

O Late Eversharp ventura? lever fill, metal cap, threaded, smaller 14K nib, fine, slight flex. ITEM PRICE $35 now $25

P Waterman lever filler, later pen, model name escapes me, slip cap, which has some wear, I believe I got another cap which is nice, but needs to clip re attached (held on by a threaded nut inside the cap, I don't have anything to get in and tighten it down, lol) I will send the second cap along. This one has an awesome broad nib. The feed has a few fins knocked off, which is not uncommon, doesn't seem to affect function. Cool pen. ITEM PRICE $55 now $45

Q Sheaffer late fat TD style pen, lever fill, large conical nib, fine/medium 14K two tone nib, lots of wear to cap, brassing, few dings, nice writing pen tho, ITEM PRICE $50 no further reductions, I like this one too much.

R Sheaffer snorkel in maroon, Sheaffer Palladium Silver X6 extra fine non conical, I got it as smooth as I can, I struggle with XF nibs. fills, writes, allnew seals, ITEM PRICE $45 now $40

S Sheaffer snorkel in sage green, Sheaffer 14K F2 non conicial nib, rare color, still around from last week, clean, rebuilt, fills, writes, new seals. ITEM PRICE $165 now $150

T Sheaffer student pen, slip cap, cartridge fill, in pink, alloy 304 fine nib. ITEM PRICE $10 no further reductions

U Parker 51 in Forrest green, full size, aerometric filler, fills, writes, nice fine point 14k nib, clean pen, light wear to frosting on cap. ITEM PRICE $75 no further reductions

V Parker 45 in teal, no convertor, but has an empty cartridge. GF cap, has a broad gold plated (?) nib, slight flex, clean pen. ITEM PRICE $40 no further reductions…..

Rick Krantz
September 21st, 2015, 05:22 PM
Still some great pens left!