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September 22nd, 2015, 09:46 PM
This is such a cool little pen. I'll bet it has quite a story and I wish I knew something about Marg Feil. I wonder how many words per minute she could put on a page with this fantastic Gregg nib. Was she a court stenographer or maybe an executive scribe?

I have completely disassembled and refurbished this pen. It has a new sac, the section and feed have been thoroughly cleaned, the nib polished and adjusted as necessary. The barrel and cap have been buffed to remove whatever shallow scuffs, scratches and marks have accumulated over the ~75 year life of the pen.

The photos tell the story well. The barrel and cap are smooth and glossy. The cap lip has 2 shallow divots but they are smooth and will not propagate. The name Marg Feil is gold embossed below the lever. The manufacturer's imprint, with a 350 ($3.50) cost code, is light but legible as is the Gregg mark near the lever. The clip, lever and band are straight, tight and their plating is completely intact. The ink view window is ambered but still transparent as you can see in the photos.

The nib is fine but not super-fine and it has nice spring. It isn't a nail, believe it or not. Have a look at the writing sample in the top photo.


Capped: 4.73 (120 mm)
Posted: 5.6 (143 mm)
Unposted: 4.2 (107 mm)
Barrel: *0.4 (10.7 mm)
Cap: 0.47 (12 mm)
Nib: ≤ 0.58 mm

$40 including shipping (USPS Priority) in US. I'll ship USPS First-Class to most international buyers for $5 - it's normally ~$12. PayPal only.

$45 plus shipping - PayPal only.

Send me an email: stacyhills@gmail.com


October 11th, 2015, 03:22 PM
Price drop.