Rick Krantz
September 25th, 2015, 11:59 PM
Can you believe it is already Saturday again??? where did the week go? well, feeling better, feeling like a sale! So here it is... as the title says...

All are restored, working, unless otherwise noted... nice group, all come with a 1 year warranty.

The details....


Paypal works great! If you wish, we can use Square.


1 time pay for one or ten pens... Domestic $3.00 International $10

How do I actually buy a pen....?

email me at ckrantz3@msn.com say... I want that pen. Once we confirm it is available, payment is expected in a reasonable amount of time. It's pretty easy.

Okay... from left to right.....


A Wahl Eversharp ringtop in lapis. Lever fill, nice clean pen, ever slight discoloration, pretty nice pen. trim is decent. Has a fine point semi flex 14K Wahl Signature Pen nib. ITEM PRICE $65

B Eversharp Skyline demi size, burgundy with wide band. decent pen, lever fill, light mark on band, slight trim wear to lever, fine 14K eversharp nib, slightest of flex, not enought to call it a semi flex, but it isn't a nail ITEM PRICE $40

C Eversharp Skyline in black, fairly clean, lever fill, slight brassing to lever, fine/close to medium 14K eversharp nib, kinda firm. ITEM PRICE $40

D Eversharp Skyline in black GF cap, decent pen, lever fill, cap has a light depression, not terribly noticeable, clean otherwise, slightest brassing to lever, fine/close to medium 14K eversharp nib, kinda firm. ITEM PRICE $50

E Eversharp Skyline in black, decent pen, lever fill, trim is pretty clean, 14k eversharp fine nib, firm. ITEM PRICE $40

F Eversharp Skyline in black, lower line trim model. smaller 14K eversharp nib, fine with slight flex, I would call this an almost semiflex. wear mark under the clip grip, otherwise clean trim, lver fill. ITEM PRICE $35

G Sheaffer in gray marble red vein, nickel plated trim, Sheaffer 33 14K nib, fine point, slight slight flex, lever fill, light trim wear, mainly to cap band This one is interesting in that it was an old repair, where they solvent welded new barrel threads (black threads) on. Kinda cool. ITEM PRICE $35

H Sheaffer snorkel in black, chrome cap, conical alloy fine nib, new seal, new o-ring, new sac. nice writer! clean! ITEM PRICE $50

I Sheaffer snorkel in maroon, Sheaffer Palladium Silver X6 extra fine non conical, I got it as smooth as I can, I struggle with XF nibs. fills, writes, all new seals, ITEM PRICE $35

J Sheaffer snorkel in sage green, Sheaffer 14K F2 non conicial nib, rare color, still around from last week, clean, rebuilt, fills, writes, new seals. ITEM PRICE $135

K Parker 51 pen and pencil set in cedar. late 47 date code, late stylecaps, slight trim wear. caps are pretty clean, 1 lip mark on pen cap, pencil cap clean. deep initials on barrels. medium nib, vacumatic fill. ITEM PRICE $65

L Parker 51 special in maroon. alloy plated nib, fine point, aerometric fill, cap has a few light marks, jewel is crazed and dark. great user grade! ITEM PRICE $35

M Esterbrook LJ in black, lever fill, clean, 2556 nib. ITEM PRICE $30

N Esterbrook J in copper, GREAT COLOR, this one is super sharp. lever fill, 2668 nib, ITEM PRICE $40

O Platinum Honest pen, GF cap, semi hooded nib. Aerometric fill, sort of a 60's era 51 copy. Nice fine 14K nib, that will flex to three times width. writes smooth. ITEM PRICE $40