View Full Version : [Fall Cleaning Sale] Montblanc Waterman Parker Platinum Sheaffer and Esterbrook

September 28th, 2015, 11:31 AM
I am trying to move the pens I don't use often. Finally I accumulated around 15 pens in the 'sell' bin. So I decided to list them here all at once.

All the pens have been serviced in the past six months. That means, if it requires a sac, the sac has been replaced. If it is a piston filler, it has been fully disassembled and cleaned up. Cosmetically, please assume all pens are in user grade given their age. I have writing samples and detailed pictures for all of them. Please let me know if you need them. I will flush the pen with the JB pen flush before shipping it out. So you know you will get a pen that's ready to go.

Shipping within the US is on me. Please get in touch for international shipping.

Thanks for looking and hope you find something you like.


For some reason, I am never able to get the images to link properly. So please click on the links to see the pens. I am sorry about the inconvenience.

* Found a problem with the 51. Withdrawn

A Montblanc 32 piston filler 14k medium nib, very smooth, a bit springy, brassing on the clip and around the cap band. $129

B Montblanc 22 piston filler 14K extrafine nib, very smooth, a bit springy. $139

C Found a problem with it. Withdrawn

D Montblanc 320 piston filler in Burgundy 14k fine to medium nib, very smooth, gives very good line variation. A few brassing spots on the clip. $129

E Montblanc 221 cartridge converter filler in burgundy with 14k fine nib, very smooth and quite springy, gives very good line variation. The only drawback is a small hairline crack in the cap from about the middle of the clip to the top. It looks stable and not affect any functionality. This is reflected in the price. $109

F Sheaffer white dot lady pen with 14k fine nib, imprints 'Australia', cartridge converter filler. Some brassing on the barrel, very smooth writer. $25

G Platinum short pocket pen with 18K extra fine nib. This is really a Japanese extra fine but quite smooth, not a wet writer. Takes cartridge/converter. Stainless steel cap $39

H Parker 45 cartridge converter filler with BB nib. The cap has one small kink by the clip and it's gold filled. It comes with the squeeze type converter, but the sac wasn't replaced since it's not very cost efficient. $49

I Sheaffer white dot Imperial Touchdown filler in blue with 14k medium nib. The o-ring has also been replaced. The only drawback is that the barrel is engraved with 'M.S.' Smooth writer. $49

J Sheaffer white dot Imperial Touchdown filler in black with 14k fine nib. The o-ring has also been replaced. Smooth writer. $59

K Sheaffer Touchdown filler 'TM' in black with 14k fine nib. The o-ring has also been replaced. Smooth writer. $49

L Sheaffer lifetime white dot balance in the standard size. 1929 pen with the kinked clip in pearl and black. Some ambering to the pearl. Big gold FINE nib. Smooth writer. The only drawback is the barrel is engraved with 'ESMA WILSON'. $99

M Waterman 100 Hundred Year Pen in a set. Comes with the pen and the pencil. fantastic FINE nib. The nib has imprint 'FIRM', so not flexible. No cracked at the usual affected areas. The pencil is working good (I am not a pencil person so it functions is all I know). The only drawback to the set is that both are engraved with 'G G BLASDEL'. $149

N Parker 21 with the bigger feed in blue, so not a super 21. Median to broad nib. Very wet writer and very smooth. $39

O Esterbrook SJ in green with 2048 nib. It leaves an extra fine line. So don't expect the steel nib to be butter smooth. It also got a new J-bar. $29

P Esterbrook J in black with 2668 nib. I say the nib is between fine and medium. Smooth writer. It also got a new J-bar. $29

Thanks for your time in reading all of this. Please let me know if you have any questions. I just want to remind you that all of the pens are restored recently. They are ready to write.