View Full Version : Pelikan Pens for sale

October 6th, 2015, 02:48 PM

As I want to get some dream italians and japanese pens I need to sell some of my pelikans:

From left to right:
1. Pelikan M320 Pearl, M nib, uninked, comes with the beautiful presentation box with a little ink bottle and pad. 225$

2. Pelikan M405 Blue, M nib, new & uninked, sold

3. Pelikan M300 Black, F nib, inked twice, 175$

3b. Pelikan M300 / M320 medium nib, 70$

4. Pelikan M200 Demonstrator, gold trim, M nib, uninked, 95$

5. & 6. Pelikan M100 FP and BP set in black with silver trim, medium nib, 85$

Pelikan TG182 beautiful 2 pen leather case in orange, unused as not quite my colour, 60$

Please message me if you have any questions. I accept paypal and european bank transfer and would consider trades for an Aurora Optima nero perla (dream pen!) or a Pilot Fermo.