View Full Version : SOLD Lamy 2000 Fine

October 7th, 2015, 08:07 AM
Lamy 2000. Fine Nib.


Asking $95 shipped to CONUS, in Original box

I've had this pen for a couple years but I've never used it much. The nib writes too wide for my liking. (I prefer Japanese fines). It is in very good condition. The nib is smooth and has no problems. In the pictures there appears to be a white spot/speck on the pen, that it just some dust or something that I didn't notice and wipe off. The only wear I can identify is some scratching/wear on the piston knob from posting the cap. You can see it in the third picture if you look closely.

The ink I have in the pen that I used for the writing sample is one that writes more on the dry side in this pen, and most inks make lines a bit wider (that's why I have that ink in the pen).