View Full Version : Edison / Hakumin Pearl Midori F Nib

Remedial penmanship
October 7th, 2015, 07:30 PM
SOLD is a pen made by Edison and finished by Hakumin in a dramatic Midori urushi finish. This is a trim pen, perhaps just larger than a Nakaya Piccolo, with a concave section very comfortable to hold. The cap is clipless. The nib is F, rhodium, and writes consistently but firmly, no separation of tines or line variation.

This is an eyedropper filler and as seen in the pictures includes an eyedropper. Its capacity is generous, larger than a cartridge/converter in a similar pen. Adorning the Midori finish is the artist's signature on the lower half of the pen. The urushi is smooth, and the ends of the pen taper to a gentle point as in a Nakaya Naka-ai.

While I believe the pen can be posted I don't post my pens, find their weight balance far better without a weighty cap at the end and don't want to affect the finish.

Included is the pen, eyedropper, and case. Please see pictures.

Please PM me with any questions. $NA includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in USA, prefer USA sale but will consider international shipping for additional fee. Payment through Paypal prior to shipping.