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Remedial penmanship
October 7th, 2015, 07:34 PM
SOLD is a gently used piston-filler Montblanc for its named for its namesake, Tribute to the Mont Blanc. It is an F nib in the typical 146 size, a ready writer with excellent ink flow. The logo snowcap on the cap of the pen is made of quartz, giving a distinct three-dimensional appearance with shadow in the right light. It stands out compared with Montblanc stars on other models that appear painted on or are opaque white and flush with the cap surface.

The pen is in excellent condition, used infrequently, free of damage or significant signs of use. The body is white and easily remains so: any ink from ink filling is easily cleaned with water and wiped away. Please see pictures. Included is all that came with the pen: case, warranty book, promotional material, pen. This is the largest pen in the Tribute series, smaller ones were cartridge fillers only.

Please PM me with any questions. $NA includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in USA. Prefer shipping to USA only, will consider international shipping at additional fee. Payment through Paypal prior to shipping.