Rick Krantz
October 10th, 2015, 10:41 AM
Here we go! another Saturday pen sale!

All are restored, working, unless otherwise noted... nice group, all come with a 1 year warranty.

The details....


Paypal works great! If you wish, we can use Square.


1 time pay for one or ten pens... Domestic $3.00 International $10

How do I actually buy a pen....?

email me at ckrantz3@msn.com say... I want that pen. Once we confirm it is available, payment is expected in a reasonable amount of time. It's pretty easy.

Okay... from left to right.....


A No Name combo in either RHR or plastic (more likely) Adverisement piece for US TIRES (stamped on top) lever fill, alloy fine nib. Neat item ITEM PRICE $35

B Parker Duofold junior streamlined set in Mandarin Yellow. lots of fine and a few more pronounced cap lip cracks. later style vacumatic arrow nib, fine point, and later style feed. Most likely correct. Button filler, rebuilt, fills, writes, great user grade set. The clip for the pencil appears to be slightly larger, I am doubtful it is the correct clip, it works, I will check to see if I have anything else that might work, but I don't think I do. Pencil has some wear towards the front nose cone. If you want a mandarin for cheap, this is it! Presentable set, ITEM PRICE $150

C Parker Vacumatic almost a reverse trim. I got this one like it is... chrome plated clip and bottom tassie. When I gave it a little clean up, the cap bands are what appears to be gold filled, or really brassed. Anyway, decent pen, lockdown filler, two tone 14K Parker arrow nib, fine firm. rebuilt, fills, writes, faint remnants of a name on barrel. (not my attempt at removing, but I cleaned up the horrible attempt) presentable pen, another user grade pen. ITEM PRICE $70

D Parker 51 special in maroon. alloy plated nib, fine point, aerometric fill, clean pen ITEM PRICE $45

E Parker 45 in gray, gold filled clip, gold plated (maybe 14K even?) fine point. with old style convertor. ITEM PRICE $20

F Parker 45 in green, gold plated (maybe even 14K? ) unmarked extra fine point. has empty cartridge, ITEM PRICE $15

G Esterbrook SJ in red, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, 2442 nib, ITEM PRICE $35

H Esterbrook SJ in copper, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, 2556 nib, ITEM PRICE $25

I Esterbrook LJ in black, lever fill, rebuilt, fills, writes, clean, 2556 nib. ITEM PRICE $30

J Waterman thorobred/ 301 in red veined plastic nice semi flex 14K waterman #2 nib. Lever fill, nice clean pen. Trim is decent even! ITEM PRICE $65

K Waterman THOROBRED in red marble with green veins, incredible funky color /material. I had one other in this color in my years of collecting, not overly rare, but pretty uncommon. Nice flexible waterman #2 14K nib, fine point. Lever fill ITEM PRICE $100

L Sheaffer late fat TD style pen, lever fill, large conical nib, fine/medium 14K two tone nib, lots of wear to cap, brassing, few dings, nice writing pen tho, ITEM PRICE $50

M Sheaffer snorkel in black, Sheaffer alloy M4 medium conical, rebuilt, fills, writes, all new seals, ITEM PRICE $45

N Eversharp Skyline in black, decent pen, lever fill, trim is pretty clean, 14k eversharp fine nib, firm. ITEM PRICE $40

O Eversharp Skyline in black, decent pen, lever fill, trim is pretty clean, 14k eversharp fine nib, firm. ITEM PRICE $40

P Eversharp Skyline demi size, burgundy with wide band. decent pen, lever fill, light mark on band, slight trim wear to lever, fine 14K eversharp nib, slightest of flex, not enough to call it a semi flex, but it isn't a nail ITEM PRICE $40

October 10th, 2015, 11:52 PM
Hi Rick, I've email you twice but no reply, do you still do Esterbrook restoration?

Rick Krantz
October 14th, 2015, 04:25 PM
sorry, just saw this!

I found your missing emails. somehow they got saved to a folder before I ever read them!

I replied back as well!