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October 10th, 2015, 12:37 PM
Hello All,

I am selling the pens listed bellow:

All fountain pens were never inked and Ball points were not used and are in mint condition unless stated in the list.
Only have book boxes ( in the case Of WE pens) and Lacquered Wood Box in the case of POA pens.
No papers.

Please email me at penalusa@sapo.pt or send me a PM here.

Thank you and best regards,


Payment Options:
I accept Paypal, Transferwise or Bank Transfer in EU.
All prices are in Euros but I accept USD payments if you prefer. In that case the Paypal Exchange rate of that day can be used.
I am open to reasonable offers on some pens.

On Hold pens are not sold, so if you want one of them, let me know and I will contact you if the deal is not completed.
FP - Fountain pen
BP - Ball Point
MP - Mechanical Pencil


Shipping is free and is Registered with tracking number and signed for. I can also use Express mail at cost. Insurance is possible at cost.

Each line of the list is linked to the respective HD pictures.
In some Browsers the direct link will not open, so please use right clip with your mouse and do open in a new tab.

Montblanc Fountain pens list
1 MB 146 FP Nicolai M nib W/Box and papers 1600€ Link (https://v16lo1.s.cld.pt/)
2 MB 146 FP Ramses M nib W/Box and papers 1600€ Link (https://qygdw9.s.cld.pt/)

Montblanc Writer Edition Fountain pens
6 MB Hemingway FP F nib, Inked. NEAR MINT to MINT 1750€ On hold Link (https://hqkkwm.s.cld.pt/)
8 MB Edgar Alan Poe FP M nib 1000€ Link (https://hpman7.s.cld.pt/)
10 MB F Scott Fitzgerald FP M nib 700€ Link (https://eoqf4k.s.cld.pt/)
12 MB VOLTAIRE FP M nib 700€ Link (https://20d8dv.s.cld.pt/)
14 MB Dostoevsky M nib 850€ Link (https://3m3hqo.s.cld.pt/)
17 MB Jules Verne FP M nib Sold Link (https://q2y4qv.s.cld.pt/)
20 MB Friedrich Schiller FP M nib 700€ Link (https://jl2leh.s.cld.pt/)
21 MB Miguel Cervantes set FP+BP+MP Set 1700€ Link (https://y2avqx.s.cld.pt/)
23 MB Marcel Proust FP M nib MINT INKED SOLD LINK (https://sgt9gi.s.cld.pt/)
24 MB Charles Dickens FP B Nib 800€ Link (https://q8hnte.s.cld.pt/)
26 MB Franz Kafka FP M Nib 700€ Link (https://3jq7ah.s.cld.pt/)
28 MB Oscar Wild set FP+BP+MP - M nib 1450€ Link (https://kl9feo.s.cld.pt/)
Note – Pen 28 –MINT set but book box is not closing properly
29 MB Agatha Christie FP F nib SOLD Link (https://g2q2u0.s.cld.pt/)

Patron of the Arts Limited Edition
31 MB Catherine II the great FP M nib ( #9/4810) 2200€ Link (https://jwsi0o.s.cld.pt/)
32 MB Peter I the great FP M nib (#10/4810) 2200€ Link (https://qs2lsh.s.cld.pt/)
33 MB Charle Magne FP M nib 2200€ Link (https://p3dg6v.s.cld.pt/)

Montblanc Ball point and Mechanical Pencil list
3 MB 164 BP Nicolai W/Box and papers 700€ Link (https://djjaqs.s.cld.pt/)
4 MB John Sebastian Bach BP W/box and papers 500€ Link (https://ytfqo8.s.cld.pt/)
5 MB Marlene Dietrich BP W/box and papers 350€ Link (https://4qel5b.s.cld.pt/)

Writers Edition Limited Edition Ball points and Mechanical pencils pens
7 MB Hemingway BP very lite traces of use 800€ Link (https://h1v0e0.s.cld.pt/)
9 MB Edgar Alan Poe BP 600€ Link (https://40kji6.s.cld.pt/)
11 MB F Scott Fitzgerald BP 400€ Link (https://ii1nqv.s.cld.pt/)
13 MB VOLTAIRE BP 400€ Link (https://68pgdl.s.cld.pt/)
15 MB Dostoevsky BP 450€ Link (https://3fw4nk.s.cld.pt/)
16 MB Jules Verne BP 450€ Link (https://9ccj50.s.cld.pt/)
18 MB Friedrich Schiller BP 350€ Link (https://9z7f8d.s.cld.pt/)
19 MB Friedrich Schiller BP 350€ Link (https://za48nu.s.cld.pt/)
22 MB Marcel Proust BP 800€ Link (https://36a9z2.s.cld.pt/)
25 MB Charles Dickens BP 450€ Link (https://onac0n.s.cld.pt/)
27 MB Franz Kafka BP 400€ Link (https://r1jlpn.s.cld.pt/)
30 MB Agatha Christie MP 700€ Link (https://nt85cs.s.cld.pt/)

October 11th, 2015, 08:44 AM
Pens 17 and 29 sold

October 28th, 2015, 05:55 AM
Pen 23 sold