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October 20th, 2015, 09:14 AM
From the cat journal, June 2002

One warm Saturday afternoon I fell victim to a rare fit of neatness and decided to wash my car. My helper that afternoon was a large cat of the tabby persuasion, named Rodilardus (Master Gnawbacon). Rodi was superintending.
In the midst of all the hosing and sloshing, the neighbor's dog (a hound of some kind) wandered into the yard and offered to wash one of the tires. I thanked him and warmly declined his generous aid, as I could see he was out for a stroll and did not want to delay him.
The dog then tried to make the cat's acquaintance but the cat, intent on his supervisory duties, wasn't having any of that shtick. The dog then commenced to make running passes at the cat, howling as he went by and having great fun. He would end each pass in a full power turn, letting his rear end "drift" through the corner and then gather himself for another run. Rodilardus crouched down in the grass and flattened his ears back in a show of feline pique.
I put the hose down to watch, as I could see the dog getting closer to the cat with each sortie he made. Suddenly the cat was on the dog's back and the pair was headed full tilt for the 'burbs. The dog didn't miss a stride when Rodi mounted up; he evidently knew his rider wanted maximum distance in the minimum time and was endeavoring to please with a singleness of purpose and attention to detail that would give you the lockjaw. They passed from sight at a quarter mile and were still "just a'gittin' it".
I am glad to see cats and dogs get on so well together. It illustrates a form of symbiosis called "mutualism" in which both partners benefit from the relationship; the cat gets transportation and the dog gets exercise and a powerful sense of accomplishment. Isn't ecology wonderful?