View Full Version : Lytro 8GB Graphite Camera with Case, Cover, and Tripod Adapter

February 5th, 2016, 05:40 PM


$45 + Shipping

Lytro 8GB light field camera ("11 Megaray" sensor), not used much, includes carrying pouch, magnetic lens cover (when not using the pouch), and a tripod attachment (which locks around the body as you screw in the quickplate or tripod).

Fun Stuff:

creates 'living' pictures that can change focus after the shot
can get VERY close to the subject (as shown in second picture)
Has the latest firmware they made so some manual controls are possible (ISO, center focus, shutter speed, the aperture remains constant at f/2.0).
8X optical zoom (which will limit the range of focus changing the more you're zoomed in)
Charges and transfers with any micro-usb cable (so not a proprietary cable requirement).
Photoshop Plugin in Lytro Desktop 5 (you get an export of each focus slice and the depth map).
Can export an MP4 video animating thru the scene up to 1080p.

Not So Fun Stuff:

Does not replace a still camera, as still frames converted from a living picture will not be any bigger than 1080 x 1080.
Screen resolution on the camera itself isn't that great, but you can zoom into the images and change focus while zoomed in from the playback.
Requires uploading to their website for sharing living pictures. Does have a share to 500px (Still image), and Facebook (animated movie).

"Living Picture" Example images from mine : https://pictures.lytro.com/KarlBlessing

Some of the others https://pictures.lytro.com/ (though keep in mind some of the really nice looking ones is from their larger more expensive model)

Two examples of Mp4 video export:



Example of a 1080x1080 Still Jpg Export.


List of Export options in Lytro Desktop 5.


What the Photoshop plugin does ("Edit in Photoshop" option in Lytro Desktop)