View Full Version : SOLD [WTS/T] Benchmade 940, Oakley Juliet Gen 1, Nite Ize Steelie Car Kit, Petsafe Collar

May 11th, 2016, 10:29 AM
So I have a few things I'm looking to sell off to go towards my "Conid Fund" so figured I would post them up here and see if anyone is interested. Been taking pictures of stuff over the last few days just not getting around to posting. I would rather build funds for the Conid but I'm not against trading, here is a list of what I might be interested in though PM me if you have another offer:

Pilot VP Nib Unit Fine, EF, stub/italic
Sailor Pro Gear (or Pro Gear 2) Fine or EF nib
Pilot VP Matte Black, Bamboo, Metalic Green/Orange, or maybe others
Pilot 912 with SF or FA nib
TWSBI Vac-Mini or 580AL
Franklin-Christoph (just about any of them)
Lamy 2000 Medium or Italic/Architect
Caran d'Ache Inks
Montblanc Daniel Defoe & Albert Einstein inks

First up is a Benchmade 940BK Osborn:

Condition is pretty good little bit of blade & handle wear. Comes with original box, papers, Axis tag, and bag. I can get some more pictures if anyone is interested. They go for $200 New (http://www.amazon.com/Benchmade-Osborne-Design-Reverse-Coating/dp/B0013UMLR6) I'm hoping to get $150 shipped CONUS.

Oakley Juliet Gen 1 w/ Serial#:






Great discontinued collector Oakley Juliet. The rubber peices (ears, hinges, & nose) are in great shape, lenses have some cleaning swirls and there are 2 small cracks on the front edge on the left eye lense (you cannot actually see it while wearing them & it doesnt go all the way through, might be better to call it a scratch). You can see this on the picture next to my thumb. Looking at eBay and collector sites looks like $350+ seems fair I'll take $325 shipped CONUS and include the origina "Soft Xmetal Vault" normally $40-$50

Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit (3 of them):



I bought these for my wife and my cars but we ended up going a different route, these work with ANY cell phone. I paid $85'ish for the 3 of them, I see you can pick them up on Amazon for $25 each now. They are brand new boxes havent even been opened. I'll take $50 shipped CONUS for all three of them on $20 shipped CONUS each

Petsafe Large Dog Collar:



My mom gave me this too sell for her. She bought a whole kit but has mini dashhouds and needed a small collar, so she has this large one she wont use. Looking at eBay they sell for $100-$125 willing to take $75 shipped CONUS.

Puppy Tax: