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May 19th, 2016, 08:21 PM
KNIFES and Other Stuff from GunSafe Clean Out! Want to Trade for Fountain Pens and Inks. Here are some knives I have collected over the last several years and a cross bow scope. A couple knives have been carried and some may have minor scratches or rub marks. Some may need oiled like the Damascus and they are prone to rust so occasionally you should lightly oil the Damascus. Some may have slight patina on the brass. But all can be polished up to look like new or very close. Most are new these just have been in the gun safe sitting not used. All are in very good to excellent condition. I am looking to trade some or all for various pens and perhaps inks. I am new to the FP hobby and trading may help me get some nice pens. What I paid for these knives or project value I do not expect full value just a honest and fair trade. Willing to do multiple items for one pen if the trade is right. This will really help me launch into FP collecting and would appreciate anyone’s help.

Here is my proposal. Each party pays own shipping. USA only! I do not mind shipping first. I have a good eBay reputation. On most of the trades I don’t expect to get high end pens. However, there is a couple knifes listed that are not cheap to buy. I will try to describe each as best as I can. So hit me up on a message or email me at gulfcoastfishing @ Att . net (remove Spaces)

Knife #1 – This is a cute knife I bought from a custom knife maker in Texas. I do not recall his name these are mini knives he makes from left overs. This one is a couple inches long made from highly prized Damascus Steel. He used a delrin type handle. He also did some cool File work on the edge. Honestly I paid $40 all his large custom knifes were $175 - $800 and were at the time out of my budget. Its cool and cute. I just have no use to keep it.

Knife #2 – This is one I picked up at a knife show in Texas from a knife vendor. Brand is Rite Edge there is no model I see. It’s a rather large folding knife with a belt case. I love Damascus Steel and this is one of the few folding knifes I have seen made in Damascus. I paid $90 for this knife. It has never been used. I would be recommending oiling it regularly since it is Damascus. Damascus holds a good edge and can be sharpened like a razor. I almost forgot this knife has decorative file work on the blade and back spring. Very Cool.


Knife #3 – This actually came from the same show but different vendor. It is a Bone Collector I do not see any stamps but it is etched bone collector. This too is a folding Damascus blade. Never Used. Again like all Damascus keep a thin coat of oil applied occasionally. I paid $60 for this knife and it has a case.


Knife #4 – This is a folding pocket knife made in Utica NY a KutMaster. Honestly I cannot remember what I paid for this knife I suspect is was less than $50 or I probably would have remembered. I do remember getting it at a Texas gun show from a vendor. It’s a vintage knife and KutMaster has been around for over 100 years. I was told this knife was atleast 40 years old but I will not guarantee it I cannot find info on this exact model.

Knife #5 – This is a Nice collector’s edition Uncle Henry Folding Knife. It has turquoise, abalone and nice file work on the knife back edge. It was carried and has some scratches and could be cleaned up a bit. This knife is probably worth about $25 may be nice to trade towards inks ect.

Knife #6 – This is a SantaFe Stone works knife I picked up in New Mexico it has turquoise and is a custom knife. This is a $70 knife This knife may have some light rub marks but was not carried.

Knife #7 – This is a Hen & Rooster Bull Rider pocket knife with bone or antler handle. It too is in very good shape and was carried very little. It is missing a medallion in the grip. I have no idea the value of this knife.

Knife #8 – CRKT Carson USA Design Model M16-10KZ it has been carried and knife has slight wear. This is about a $20 knife.

Knife #9 – This I picked up at a gun show from a knife vendor. It has no marking and I was told these are custom made and they are made from tool files. They are really nice. This knife is unused but being tool steel I would recommend oiling it like the Damascus. I paid $60 for this knife and he threw in a sheath from another knife he had so it will come with that. It’s a cool hunting style knife.

Knife #10 – This knife I ordered from a Texas hunting forum probably 10 years ago. I do not remember the maker but it was custom made for me. He specialized in making knifes from railroad spikes. This has a really neat twisted and scalloped handle. I also requested custom file work on the back edge of the knife. It has a sheath. This knife was never used but a super cool design. I paid him $120 for the knife with the custom designed handle and extra custom blade file work he did.

May 19th, 2016, 08:21 PM
Knife #11 – This knife I bought probably 10 years ago from a Texas Custom Knife Maker. His name is Bill Holland. I purchased this at a knife show. It has NEVER Been used and is a Damascus Blade hand formed by Mr. Holland. These as mentioned above need lightly oiled occasionally. This has a bone Handle and custom 6 shooter rivets holding in the handle. It come with a sheath. I paid $250 for this blade and he was asking $325. I caught him 15 minutes prior to close of the show and he cut me a deal. And he only did that because my buddy bought three knifes at the same time.


Last is a Barnett 4x32mm Cross Bow Scope just add rings and mount to your cross bow. It is New never used or mounted on cross bow. I figure it is worth $30 - $40

Again I am willing to trade multiples for one item or one for one whatever is fair for the both of us. I am open to ALL FP and Ink Trades. Just please do me right as I will do the same. I have Jinhaos and Heros and will not trade for those. I also have a LAMY AlStar so there are tons of pens I would love to discover. Vintage, Higher end, Budget FP, Custom Pens whatever. I know I prefer fine or slightly smaller than a hefty medium nib but as long as nib can be change I am willing to give any a try.

May 20th, 2016, 07:04 AM
re:Knife #9 – This I picked up at a gun show from a knife vendor. It has no marking and I was told these are custom made and they are made from tool files. They are really nice. This knife is unused but being tool steel I would recommend oiling it like the Damascus. I paid $60 for this knife and he threw in a sheath from another knife he had so it will come with that. It’s a cool hunting style knife.

That is an Anza (http://www.anzaknives.com/). Nice knife.

May 20th, 2016, 09:19 AM
Thank you for the info that name sounds familiar. I should have cataloged all these knives as i got them and never have. I actually have started a log for my fountain pens since some are not marked.

May 20th, 2016, 02:11 PM
and just be clear I am not expecting retail value for the knives just giving an idea of worth Listening to ALL offers