View Full Version : Several Montblanc Nibs for sale (146, 149, 144,Boheme, Starwalker, Donation and Diva)

August 20th, 2016, 03:20 AM
Hi all,

I have several nibs for sale: here is a group picture and list:


1,2,3,4) MB 146 18Kt M size - SOLD

5) MB 146 18Kt M size Nib only - SOLD

6)MB 146 14Kt OBB size - 175

7) MB 149 OBB 18Kt nib unit ( nib + collar+Feed)- 250
I also have 2 more MB 149 18Kt nibs with M and OM sizes (only the nibs and not on this picture). The nibs are exactly the same as the one in the picture just different tip size. price for each is 200

8,9,10) Montblanc Donation nib for pens like Bernstein, Karajan, Solti, Brahams, Toscanini Au585(14K gold)- 225 each - NIB 9 is SOLD

11)Montblanc Donation nib for Karajan M nib Au585(14K gold) (signs of use)-200

12)Montblanc retractable Boheme nib unit 14K - 150- nib also fits Classique 144

13)Montblanc Boheme ( cartridge version) 14K nib unit and section OBB nib - 175 Nib also fits Classique 144

14) MB 144 14K classique nib section

15)Montblanc Muse (Muse Grace Dietrich Bergman) (14K nib unit) EF Au585 - 150

16) Starwalker 14K nib +feed + lower protection) 175

17)Starwalker 14K nib + feed, no lower protection) 130

18,19) Starwalker 14K nib only) 110

20) Starwalker 14K nib + feed) 120

21) Starwalker 14K nib unit+feed no lower protection) 130

22) - MB 144 classique (used) 90 - lite signs of use

Fedex express shipping ( 1 to 3 days worldwide) is free in case you buy 2 or more nibs. 15 worldwide if you buy one unit only.

Email me at penalusa@sapo.pt or PM if you want/need more info.

Have a great weekend!