View Full Version : Hand Knitted Fountain Pen Cozies for Sale!

September 14th, 2016, 08:48 PM

Anybody want a snug sweater for your favorite EDC or special baby? I'm your knitter! Standard size is about 5.5" long and stretches to fit any circumference. In the pix above you see several cozies holding pens of different sizes so you can see how they accommodate. (to clarify, these particular ones are not for sale; they are my personal ones & believe me, have seen enough wear nobody would want them. lol) ETA--the bottoms are knitted with doubled yarn for extra strength.
I'm using sock yarn from my stash, so I can't promise specific colorways (colors/color combos) but let me know if you like bright colors, pastels or neutrals. $10 each including shipping in CONUS; if you live elsewhere, $10 USD plus shipping to your corner of the earth :) PM me with requests.
(psst, the holidays aren't that far away & these make great gifts...just sayin'.)