View Full Version : Pen wraps

September 23rd, 2016, 03:02 AM
As well as making pen boxes I've been making pen wraps out of odd bits of material (a nearby shop always has a bag of oddments for sale at bargain prices). They're easy to make as long as you remember to start off with them inside out :-) I have gradually got better at making corners that are relatively square rather than bumpy and round.
Couldn't resist this tapestry style fabric with striking foliage design. I decided to reverse it outside so there's a dark and a light side.
This one really needs a Visconti pen in it I think! Luxury brocade.
I used a nice foliage pattern fabric for the outside, but the inside yellow fabric is a little flimsy. Not quite so happy with this one. However it's useful for my tiny ringtops and Lady Elsas - they get lost inside a normal size wrap. (You can tell from the Waterman Forums that it's a mini wrap.)
And finally a sweet floral print.

I always take one of my pen wraps with me when I'm going flea market pen-hunting. Occasionally they come in really useful when I find a nice big haul. (Speaking of which, please wish me luck this Sunday, as it's one of our region's biggest sales and I'm hoping to extend a three-year run of fantastic sumgais.)