View Full Version : Vader's Vault Dark Havoc Lightsaber

September 24th, 2016, 12:20 PM
Vader's Vault Dark Havoc in OSPP Purple - $400USD + shipping

I am saving up for my (delayed) grad trip in November, so I've decided to sell. The saber is as good as new. I opened up the box, turned it on, gave it a few taps to see Flash on Clash in action, then returned it to its box. The saber arrived on August 19th (ordered in late January). I had someone thinking of buying it, but it seems he lost interest, so here we are.

The price of $400 is in USD and includes the 2.9% PayPal fee but excludes shipping. It's about $23 USD to ship within BC for the faster option + tracking and signature confirmation. It's about $47 USD to the US. I can also accept payment in CAD.

Here are the details:
Pattern: Standard Dark
Weathering (adds $15): None
Single Emitter Blade Power Colors ( no Flash on Clash): None, I'm going with Suncrusher™ Below
SUNCRUSHER™ Blade Power Color choices (adds $39 for power option and includes Flash on Clash)): OSPP Purple (adds $39)
Activation Switch BODY: Black Anodized
Activation Button Color: White
Covertec Wheel: None
Heavy Grade Blade Substitution (will not be as bright as the Standard Blade) (adds $5): None
Tip Type: Round
Tip Style: Shine Through (adds $3))
***White Flash on Clash

+ J-Bird
(Bladeplug length: Standard length (Minimum 1.5" Depth, fits all but Tempest and Imperial Knight)))

+ Blade Dust Cap

Also includes the charger and the key