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Lady Onogaro
January 9th, 2017, 08:44 PM
Hey Guys,

I have a new poem up at Mockingheart Review: https://mockingheartreview.com/

"The Emperor's Dreams" by Denise Rogers (the link to Vol. 2 Issue 1 is in the banner across the top of the page).

Jon Szanto
January 9th, 2017, 09:01 PM
Lovely. "Moonlight always robes the emperor..."

Thank you for sharing.

January 10th, 2017, 04:07 AM
I'm a huge admirer of your poetry Denise. I regularly re-read "To Hokusai", which I've written into at least three of my journals.
And today I learnt a new word (neomenium). Thank you :)

R.A. Stewart
February 20th, 2017, 01:47 PM
Blown away. I really like this. And I have also learned a new word, *and* discovered a new journal. Thank you!