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July 25th, 2017, 08:08 PM
I was shocked this site has a creative writing category. And yeah, I've written a lot of poems. Ok, let me offer one for you to evaluate what it is about.

The Friend

The world is round, my mind is flat.
I never know where it is at.
A girl is round, with all that fat.
When it's all over, we say congrats.

One of the few friends I actually have
just proved to me, she's not all flab,
and scored a hit, behind my back.
I felt so bad, I missed the attack.

Speaking to her is prone to failure,
but I keep trying, in order to nail her
attention to the task at hand
So her future can be more grand.

Without a mate, she seems so sad,
hanging around. Please make me glad
to meet you, at last. To be your friend.
“Just keep me fed, so I can defend
the product of my previous role
as devoted lover, and trusted soul”.

Ok, a bit confusing, but use your imagination. Thanks