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August 14th, 2017, 09:58 PM
The Federalist Pens Papers #8


DC Show/ New Products/ Oster Anniversary/ Year Three for Fed Pens!


The DC Pen Show began year three at Federalist Pens! July marked our two year point, and we celebrated once again with an Anniversary Sale all month long! We also marked Robert Oster Inks' one year anniversary in the US! To mark Federalist Pen's debut of Oster Inks to the US market, Robert and I collaborated to bring "Frankly Blue" to the show! Our custom ink debuted at DC with much success! Look for a review of this great teal (Blue/Green) color from popular ink bloggers soon!

New Brands/Products!

We were invited by Luxury Brands USA to represent Noodler's, Platinum, Giuliano Mazzuoli, and Stifflexible Notebooks! We debuted our products from these brands at the DC Show! The Stifflexible Notebooks are a new product featuring hard covers with "Flex" points that allow you to page thru your notes! You are also able to lay this notebook reasonably flat. Available in both A5 (Big) and A7 (Small) sizes in a variety of cool cover designs!
Platinum Pens and Mazzouli Pens are a welcome addition! Both brands have a loyal following! Looking forward to adding both Plaisir and Preppy Pens to my "Pens $25 and Under" Section!

Getting Noodler's Inks was really a big thing for me personally! I am all about History (Recall that I am History Teacher, and that is why this site is called "Federalist Pens"- I was looking for a colonial, historical theme!), and really looking forward to carrying the great names and colors of the inks!
We sold a lot of the DC Show Ink "House Divided" for Noodler's. I will be getting more of this ink this week!
Look for site updates on these brands soon!

Other Products- We helped debut the new addition to the Conklin All-American line- Brownstone! This model features black clip and nib! Available in F/M/Stub as with other colors (Now 6 total!)! We also added Monteverde Giant Sequoia Pens! This new model comes in three colors, and three nibs (F/M/Stub)! These pens are an awesome 7" posted!



Lamy News




At the DC Show, we met the new Lamy USA Distributor- ULBrands. The management from this distributor came from the previous distributor, and they had a lot of positive things to say at the show. They went around the show introducing themselves to Lamy Dealers. The terms for me and fellow dealers are more generous, and they have promised to have stock. This can really benefit dealers in that there may be no more shortages of certain items/colors!
The best news is that this distributor is based in NYC, and the warehouse is in North Jersey! This means a quick turnaround for me, and other dealers in the Mid-Atlantic! We will have items the next day after we order!!

Upcoming Pen Shows

In September, there will be 2 pen shows the same weekend! The second weekend, (Sept 8-10) there will be both the Dallas Pen Show, and The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston Area). Dallas is a Fri/Sat show www.dallaspenshow.com (http://www.dallaspenshow.com/) , and the Boston Show is Sunday only www.commonwealthpenshow.com (http://www.commonwealthpenshow.com/) . Look for Federalist Pens at the Commonwealth (Boston) Show!

Look Forward to the next Federalist Pens Papers!


August 15th, 2017, 01:52 PM
I'm delighted you'll be at the Commonwealth Show! Last year (my first pen show) there were lots of nice vintage pens, most well beyond my price range, but not a lot of new pens. Looking forward to seeing your stuff and trying out Frankly Blue.

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