View Full Version : Comparing Noodlers Orange Inks

Rollo the Cat
April 30th, 2013, 12:44 PM
Can anyone help me decide between the three Noodlers Orange inks? We have Habanero, Apache Sunset, and Cayenne. I am using this mainly for sketching so the two things are improtant: A dark line and the color of the washed ink spread on the paper. It appears that Cayenne may be the darkest but i can't tell for sure. Also, how about flow and colorfastness?


April 30th, 2013, 05:30 PM
In my experience Cayenne is the darkest of the three. I think Apache Sunset has the most dynamic shading. I really like the tone of Habannero.
They all flow pretty well in Lamy nibs.
Not at all sure about colourfastness as I haven't tested that aspect. Cayenne will stain your fingers for a short while so it looks like you are a really heavy smoker or been playing with Mercurochrome.

Noodler's Antietam is even darker than Cayenne more of a orange red I suppose. You could also consider that.
Dragon's Naplam is also a borderline case and has hardly any shading, seems very saturated and very wet. It looks very intense under certain fluro lights.

Noodler's have a lighter orange "Summer Tanager" which I have not tried nor Overlord Orange.

A lot of people seem to like J.Herbin Orange Indien and Private Reserve Orange Crush.

Goulet Pens Orange Swabs may be of help to you.