View Full Version : Information sought on old eyedroppers

December 8th, 2017, 09:36 AM
Hi, I am new here, have been collecting a few pens for a little while. Can anyone help with any info regarding a couple of pens I picked up "for spare nibs" until I realised what they were. Eyedroppers are a new phenomena to me. Pictures are attached of these two - the Gamage one (The "AWG", Gamage, London) I can see the logic of it being supplied by that London department store - perhaps early 1900s?, but no reference can I find to it anywhere. The other one marked London Mail Pen, I can find no reference to at all. Was it supplied in some way connected to Royal Mail? There seems nothing like them for sale anywhere, are they just worthless oblivion, or do they have any value? ! Any definite info greatly appreciated, thanks.