View Full Version : SOLD FS: Sheaffer Skrip King's Gold ink 60ml

January 26th, 2018, 09:39 AM
SOLD: Sheaffer Skrip King's Gold ink. Full 60ml bottle, in the box. The bottle has that "Exclusive Built-In Inkwell." Read the review: King's Gold Fountain Pen Ink - The Perfect Fall Ink (https://www.nibnomicon.com/fountain-pen-ink-stationery-blog/2016/10/26/kings-gold-fountain-pen-ink-the-perfect-fall-ink)

I tried it once after I bought the legendary stuff, then set it aside because I'm really a dark ink guy. Let someone who appreciates King's Gold take it off my hands.

$65 including shipping to anywhere served by the USPS. More elsewhere. First PM that reads "I'll take the Gold" holds it pending prompt PayPal payment. Questions welcome, but do not hold the ink.