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February 18th, 2018, 11:05 AM

Announcing Federalist Pens "Fed Funds" Program!

The Rewards Program gives you points on every purchase at the store- $1 spent = 1 point!
You can get select Pens, or Ink for as little as 50 points (100 Points for Notebooks/Journals)!
Details are at bottom of home page!

You can build points just by subscribing to the newsletter, purchasing items, reviewing products,
or referring pen pals to Fed Pens! In Fact- New Pen Pals get a 5% extra discount on their first order!
I have already given my existing customers points on the store site based on these occurrences!
It's always free to create an account, and sign up for my newsletter (The Federalist Pens Papers)! Then, you can review products, or refer new customers! It is possible to accumulate enough points to get FREE stuff from my store without ever having purchased from us before (Just refer enough people- 5 actually, to get 50 points!)! You will need to create an account, and refer those people to create an account as well (They will earn their points as well- and get 5% off that first purchase!).

When you visit a product page, it will tell you the points you get for buying the item. Your profile page will inform you of the points you have accumulated. You earn points that can be eligible to use on your next purchase!
When you select items in your Cart, you will be given the choice of redeeming points (If you have accumulated enough of them) in lieu of using Amazon Pay or PayPal (My preferred payment methods).

Here are some examples (what you can get for FREE with these redeemed points!):

- Pen Refills (Each/Most)= 100 Points
- Lamy Safari FP (Each) = 300 Points
- Oster Inks (1 Bottle) = 200 Points!
- Platinum Preppy Pens (Each) = 50 Points
- Rhodia Pads (#12 Size/Each) = 100 Points

It's my way of rewarding you, and saying "Thank You" for your business! We continue to grow, and are looking to grow even more! Login today, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter, and refer your friends to
Federalist Pens!

866-746-4900 (tel:(866)%20746-4900)
www.federalistpensonline.com (http://www.federalistpensonline.com/?referer=mailid:63&emailmkt=frank@federalistpensonline.com)