View Full Version : SOLD FS: Vintage Conklin Spencerian 14k FLEX

May 31st, 2018, 02:57 PM
SOLD: Vintage Conklin Spencerian fountain pen. Gorgeous turquoise celluloid, the same used for the Patrician! Flexible 14k gold nib. Spencerian is a revered name in pens and writing. Conklin-made Spencerian fountain pens were best-quality, and a buyer knew they were buying a nib capable of very expressive handwriting. Correct Spencerian nib. The turquoise is best depicted by the photo of the cap, a deeper blue than depicted by the other digital photos. If you know your Patricians, you know the color. This example is the last from my Spencerian collection, and this was the best of them all.

$325$295 including shipping to any address served by the USPS. More elsewhere. First PM that reads “I’ll take the Spencerian” with email address and shipping address holds the pen pending prompt payment of Square invoice emailed to you. Questions welcome, but do not hold pen.