View Full Version : Yard-o-Led Edwardian Pencil

June 25th, 2018, 07:02 AM
Just got my new sterling Yard-o-Led propelling pencil. 40622 The lovely Edwardian style is a bit hard to find. Don't know why they discontinued it. There are many fascinating things about these pencils: history, hallmarks, styles. Another obsession begins. Christine

June 25th, 2018, 08:38 AM
That is a beautiful pencil!

June 25th, 2018, 09:07 AM
Very nice! That would be right at home with my silver CdA's ;) Love the 925's.

Wolfman Zack
June 25th, 2018, 10:38 AM
Very nice, I have a vintage YoL that I traded for from a member here, they really are very interesting pencils and of exceptional quality.
That Edwardian style with the flared end is especially unique, Iíve heard that the end was originally designed for use as a pipe tamper, though Iím not certain of the veracity of that claim, regardless of the original purpose itís very aesthetically appealing.

June 27th, 2018, 11:36 PM
The flared end is what drew me to it too. Years ago I had a rather Victorian, pipe smoking, husband who probably would have sacrificed this pencil to tend to his smoldering pipe. I've waited along time to get one of these. It is a lovely weight in the hand.