View Full Version : SOLD FS: Bexley 56 18k fine nib

July 17th, 2018, 01:08 PM
I bought this pen from Richard Binder new back in January 2009. Bexley made these as a special for the 2008 Washington DC show. Only 20 were made in each color. The pen did not come with a box or papers. It was more of an experiment to see if Bexley would make them a production item, which they didn't.It's a C/C pen with an 18k F nib. It's a wet nib and writes more like a medium with a 0.6mm line width. Since most people will never have seen one of these here are it's measurements. Section: 10-11.8mm, Barrel 13mm, Length to nib 120mm, Capped 134mm, Posted 169mm.

The nib is soft but not springy. I would worry that the 18k would be easy to spring so never pushed it. The nib will dry out if left unused for several days, but is easy to prime and get going. When I was using it in a 3 pen rotation back in 2009 it was never a problem, but these days when I have 15 pens inked at a time that does not work for me so I never ink it any more. I must have used it a couple of months back in 2009 until my Vanishing Point replaced my rotation as a work horse. I expect it could be eyedropper easy since there are no metal parts in the body or section. I have only used it with a converter.

I am looking for $160 PayPal good and services and USPS priority mail included. US only. First "I will take it" here or in email gets it, questions will not hold the pen.