View Full Version : Waterman pen sets with knife sold by L. G. Sloan, Ltd. of London

Frank Graves
January 25th, 2021, 08:51 AM
Hello - new user here and first post. This site looks to be a very informative forum and I appreciate being able to post here.

I have an unusual and fine 3' x 3' pocket/folding knife display case from the late 1930s that has 66 various fancy folding knives, most being marked "Sloan/Kingsway". I have seen an advertisement from 1933 (Strand Magazine) showing a L. G. Sloan of London advertisement of a Waterman Pen Set containing a pocket knife with a letter opener blade similar to some in my display case. As there is no known production of pocket knives by Sloan it has been suggested that Sloan and/or Waterman may have considered selling these knives either at the London store or the NY Waterman's store in the 1930s thus the fancy display with catalog numbers beside each knife.

I have only found the one such advertisement and would appreciate hearing from anyone familiar with other ads or any idea if my idea is a good one in the first place. I know that there was a relationship between Sloan and Waterman back then. Perhaps any vintage 1930s photographs of the inside of either store would show this display.

I can show an image of the display case here (I know this is a pen site, not a knife site) if asked.

Thanks for all of your consideration to this as I am trying to figure out the history and origin of this set. All that I know about it is that it was purchased at a West Coast auction some years ago.

BoBo Olson
November 3rd, 2021, 04:29 PM
Sorry, no one answered.

It was as interesting as many of other things.

It's a little late but if you could drop a picture of the advertisement, it would be nice.
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