View Full Version : Federalist Pens Papers#34 (Updates/New Products & Features!)

March 2nd, 2021, 08:28 PM

-Subscription Services!
-Girologio Restock!

New Products:

March 9th, 2021, 01:08 PM
Quadpay....uh oh...thatís dangerous!

March 14th, 2021, 11:54 PM
Quadpay....uh oh...thatís dangerous!

;) LOL

March 15th, 2021, 11:30 AM
Hey! Walked by the store yesterday. I didnít realize you kept things there while you werenít open. I know we are living in an age where us pen people and stationary buffs are not as numerous, but what if you added more stuff to appeal to the general population? Art supplies for those Manga lovers, Japanese stationary, etc...do you think you would be able to make a go of being open more often? You would see me a lot, thatís for sure.