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July 5th, 2021, 12:24 PM
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ANNIVERSARY SALE! (FED PENS#36)Posted by Frank Limper on Jul 03, 2021

</header>It's our 6th Anniversary Sale! It's hard to believe my corner of the (Retail) pen world is 6 years old! When I first discovered the (Fountain) Pen Community 15 years ago (I've collected BP/RB Pens far longer..), little did I know I would be turning my "re-found" hobby into a FT Business Venture! I am grateful to so many people- customers, distributors, makers, and even fellow dealers for welcoming me in to this close knit community of Pen Pals! I've come a long way from the above pic- 2 tables at the 2015 DC Pen Show, where my retail venture began with only 2 tables, 12 brands, and 5 distributors! (Now 5 tables, 50 Brands, and 20+ Distributors, Wholesalers, and Makers!)
During the month of July- use discount code "Anniversary" at Checkout to save 10% more on a purchase at the site! Offer is good on any sale (even discount and closeout items)! The 2021 DC Show is A GO- it will mark the start of year 7 in business as a pen retailer! I am grateful, and thankful to each and all of you!
Frank Limper Jr. Owner/Franklin Xavier Group LLC (Federalist Pens)

(My Anniversary Sale, and Pen Show updates posted at above link)