View Full Version : Franklin-Christoph ink information

August 20th, 2013, 04:25 PM
I recently contacted Franklin-Christoph inquiring who manufactured their ink. I received a nice reply from Scott, and I think I'm going to become a Franklin-Christoph fan because of their prompt, polite response, as well as their nice pens. These people understand how to take care of their customers.

I thought I'd share part of the email explaining their inks...

TJ, we've kept out source quiet because none of the other brands and shops are using it. But it's not Noodler's or Diamine, or Private Reserve or the usual suspects. When you come down be sure to make an appointment with Jim by calling 919-841-1051 or emailing Jim@Franklin-Christoph.com. You are welcome to fill up any pen with our sample bottles of ink on hand to test them out. The black is the tricky one that is very quick drying but very potent and bleeds through most papers. The Syrah Syrah can look a little brownish at first as the bit that has started to dry in your nib looks that way. The Olde Emerald and Dark Denim and Deep Purple don't have any such quirks and have performed well in most type of pens. Anyway, looking forward to working with you and just let us know if you have any additional questions- Scott