View Full Version : UK TYPES: Inky Bricks and Mortar

John the Monkey
February 29th, 2012, 02:30 AM
Cabin fever got to me a little bit yesterday, so I took a walk into Manchester.

I called in at "The Pen Shop", which I think is a national chain - I was pleasantly surprised by the range of ink on offer. The store I visited had a good range of bottled ink (including some Pelikan Edelstein, and Mont Blanc, alongside the usual Quink and Waterman - the latter they had in more colours than blue and black, mirabile dictu). For people who like cartridges, this is the only place I've seen a decent range of Pelikan, and the full colour range of Lamy's T10 carts. The prices didn't seem that much more expensive than online either.

I know you can get all this stuff online, but if you need an ink fix RIGHT NOW or prefer to buy in person, like in the olden days, this is a pretty good option.

EDIT: No affiliation, &c. Their store locator page: http://www.penshop.co.uk/default/store-locator