View Full Version : Levenger cartridge use, survey/questions

Sailor Kenshin
October 18th, 2013, 02:18 PM
First let me say that I do love Levenger inks, both in bottle and cart form. Love the bottle shape; that flat-bottom teardrop is so stable and easy to open that it's one of my favorites.

And I really like the idea of their ink assortment, which allows you to try many different colors before committing to a whole bottle. Fell in love with Raven Black and I am sooo not a black-ink lover. It turned an indifferent Hero 592 into a great writer; I also loved the deeeeep blue Empyrean.

But I had an 'issue' with a package of their carts (all of them split at the neck) and would like to know if anyone else has experience with a very, very recent order of the assortment.

I had bought one of the Levenger assortment packages originally several years ago, used them without a problem.

Has anyone used the Levenger cart assortment very recently? What was your experience?

Also as a kind of PS: do any other ink manufactureres also offer a color assortment pack?