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December 3rd, 2013, 10:27 AM
Hello all,

I am new here and sadly I have to sell my pen collection because, due to health issues, I have lost the ability to keep my hand steady and as a result I cannot use my pens.

I am not a native speaker of English and I am not a photographer.Therefore I hope you will look kindly at my language mistakes and to my photos which are not as good as yours.

To start with I have for sale two absolutely new, mint, vintage Parker Vacumatic fountain pens both of which have a perfectly working new vacumatic diaphragm

One Emerald pearl (1935-1948) with an extra fine nib

One Blue Pearl (1933-1948) with an XX fine nib (I have been told that this nib was specially made for accountants who needed to write comments and / or corrections between the lines)

The plastic plunger filler with which both pens are fitted leads me to believe that they are Wartime / Post-war models but I cannot determine when exactly they were made. Additionally I think they are made in the USA because the nibs are hard and as I read somewhere the Canadian and French made ones have smooth flexible nibs.

Here is a link to a review and more details about the vacumatic pens:


I am asking 100 euro for each pen or 180 Euro for both of them. (price is including track & trace shipping within Europe)

If you are interested in any or both of them please send me a message with your email adress and I will email photos (or any additional information you might require) to you

My email is j.soul@upcmail.nl

Thank you.