View Full Version : Parker IM Premium Gun Metal Chiselled doesnt seem fluid

December 29th, 2013, 01:20 PM
Hi, recently Ive got new fountain pen.I wanted fountain pen to improve my ugly handwriting and I was sentimental about fountain pens because we used them in primary school (now Im in college). So when I saw this baby http://www.parkerpen.com/en-GB/find-a-pen/im-premium-deep-gun-metal-chiselled-fountain-pen---medium-stainless-steel-nib I couldnt resist. For me it was quiet expensive ~60$. I bought it as a motivator to work with my handwriting and cool everyday writer. Definatly not to atract looks attention or something. With pen I bought 2 packs of Parker Quink mini black ink. I wanted black ink and there was only small cartridges remaining. So when I got home I started testing my new pen with black ink and it didnt felt fluid. It skipped every first fast stroke on papper, and after first stroke writes quiet good but still sometimes skips fast stroke. I think im holding it properly. So today finished my first small black cartridge decided to try it with blue one which was in original box. And it felt much smoother skipped twice less or i think so,and was a little weter(i like that). Could it be that this pen is designed to use with blue ink only?( in link above it writen "ink color-blue') What could be the problem? Is it common? What the chances are that the pen itself faulty? Or the ink is bad? or im holding it wrong? Sorry for my English.

December 29th, 2013, 08:51 PM
Hello and welcome to FPG.

Your pen should write with black ink as well as blue ink.

The problem could be caused by residue left behind by the manufacturing process.
This seems to be fairly common. In fact, many advise to flush a new pen before use with water or soapy water.

I would say that the chance that the pen itself is faulty, is fairly low. The same goes for the ink.

Of course, the above is all guesswork, but if it were my pen, I would finish the blue cartridge, thoroughly flush the pen with soapy water, then with plain water, let it dry and finally try the black cartridge again.

Good luck!