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January 9th, 2014, 09:30 AM
For the review with all the images on my blog click here: http://penpaperinkletter.com/crocodile-268-fountain-pen-review/ (http://penpaperinkletter.com/crocodile-268-fountain-pen-review/)

This is the Crocodile 268 Fountain Pen in black. Other than the ebay product details Iíve not been able to find out much about the pen. I found a Crocodile pen website but it did not list this pen. Itís made in china and according to the listing it is 33g and 14cm with the cap closed and has a 12 mm diameter.


It is s solid black smooth gloss fountain pen with a click on cap. It has a smooth writing medium nib and the clip works well. Iíve been using it for a few days with several different inks and it has worked well with no hard starts or skipping or scratching. The weight is good and it posts well.


My biggest complaint may be the etched branding on the ring at the middle of the pen. The name is on the clip though I think looks well done. Below are some writing samples from the Crocodile 268 and as I have continued to use it for daily use I have been even more pleased with it.




Overall, for under $8 shipped I think it is a decent buy. These cheaper Chinese pens are quite prevalent on eBay and most that I have tried seem to be decent pens. The converters are not amazing quality and in time I am not certain how the materials will hold up but it is another case of you get what you pay for. As for this pen in particular I think it is good value for the money.