View Full Version : WTB: Pelikan M100 in BROWN

January 14th, 2014, 04:50 PM
Hello everyone. I'm looking to purchase a Pelikan M100 (chrome trim, beveled cap band) pen to complete my M100 collection (I have white, red, green, black, and dark blue). The color I need is BROWN. This was an export model. Nib size doesn't matter to me. Preferably in very good condition or better. If you have an M100 to sell in brown please PM me. All offers entertained. Look forward to hopefully hearing back from some of you guys.

February 23rd, 2014, 09:28 PM
Has anyone even seen one of these?

February 24th, 2014, 02:28 AM
I saw one that claimed to be that on the bay once but I was nearly 100% confident that it was not what was claimed. Pictures were horrible, no pay-pal, low volume seller. And I like the M100's quite a bit so I keep my eyes open for them. I will also watch for a brown one. Do you have enough dark blue ones to trade for a brown? That I have never seen. I will keep a lookout for one anyway since now I have to find a blue one!

February 24th, 2014, 11:40 AM
I've only see one where the binde was dyed brown recently, was not originally brown. I've never seen an actual (factory) brown 100.

February 24th, 2014, 05:48 PM
I can vouch that the blue one does indeed exist and it is very difficult to find. I have come across 3 total in the last year and I jumped on one of them. The brown sadly is even more elusive. Plenty of MC110's out there though. Here is a partial pic of my M100/150 collection. Dark blue is fourth in from the left. Not pictured is my Black M100, Grey/Black Post-'97 M150, and Burgundy/Black Post-'97 M150.


February 24th, 2014, 08:07 PM
Sorry, I was thinking of the old, old 100, as in 30s era. Doh, my bad, totally different pen. ;) (This is what happens when I read the board on my phone, I redact my previous comments.)